AWB (IVD) training Module

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The new EU directive on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes (2010/63/EU) has been implemented. One of the requirements of the directive is that each breeder, supplier and user of laboratory animals sets up an Animal Welfare Body (AWB, Instantie voor Dierenwelzijn, IvD in The Netherlands).

The AWB helps to ensure a responsible animal experimentation policy and is responsible for the a number of tasks:

The animal-welfare body shall, as a minimum, carry out the following tasks:

  1. Advice the staff dealing with animals on matters related to the welfare of animals, in relation to their acquisition, accommodation, care and use;
  2. Advise the staff on the application of the requirement of replacement, reduction and refinement, and keep it informed of technical and scientific developments concerning the application of that requirement;
  3. Establish and review internal operational processes as regards monitoring, reporting and follow-up in relation to the welfare of animals housed or used in the establishment;
  4. Follow the development and outcome of projects, taking into account the effect on the animals used, and identify and advise as regards elements that further contribute to replacement, reduction and refinement;
  5. Advise on rehoming schemes, including the appropriate socialization of the animals to be rehomed.

Together with the IVD of Utrecht University and the University Medical Center Utrecht, RRSSC developed a training module for IVD members. The training focusses on Good Surgical Practice and state of the art techniques.

The training is designed for the Duch IVD’s

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