Edwin Spoelstra (MSc) and RRSSC are joining forces

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Starting the first of September Edwin Spoelstra will take care of some commercial activities at RRSSC.

In the past decade, we mainly focused on (micro)surgical training and helping our customers to improve the setup of their experiments. However, many participants in our courses needed to set up an operating theater at their own laboratory, and many mails on what to buy and what to use, have been sent.

At RRSSC you learn to work with the latest technologies in patient monitoring and safe application of anaesthetics after intubation of your animal. You have all kinds of micro- and macro-instruments at your disposal that we selected carefully. Catheters are specially made for maximal patency, and the latest exteriorization techniques are there to try.

To make it all much easier for you, we can help you to create the optimal setup for the type of experiment you will be performing at your own laboratory. During our courses, you can test all the equipment needed and come to a conscious choice.

Laboratory Animal Care

In his own company, Laboratory Animal Care, Edwin is in close contact with manufacturers of state of the art equipment. He has the know-how to give you the advice you need for an optimal setup.

Let’s make things easier for you!

Soon it will be possible to attend a course and work with brand new (micro)surgical tools we selected for you to do the job. The price of the instrument set can be incorporated into the course fee.