DSI and RRSSC organize an iPRECIO training for SC, IP and IV administration in mice and rats

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DSI and RRSSC offer 3-days training in the implantation of iPRECIO refillable and programmable infusion pumps on April 6-8, 2022

iPRECIO pumps can be completely implanted in small laboratory animals subcutaneously. Thus, the animal moves freely without any restraint (i.e. tethering) during drug infusion. Additionally, infection risk is reduced, and the animal is likely to be significantly less stressed than in a tethered infusion model.

You can replenish any medical fluid in the pump via percutaneous access to the pump refill septum and reservoir after implantation of the pump. Therefore, long-term drug infusion can continue until the installed battery life has run out. The reservoir is elastic and configured in such a geometry as to allow gentle palpation to confirm an approximate level of fluid in the reservoir.

Wireless programming allows all pumps to be conveniently detected, assigned, programmed and monitored via our IMS-310R iPRECIO Management system. Once completely programmed wirelessly, the iPRECIO SMP-310R Pumps will independently infuse as programmed until completed or aborted without further communications with the IMS-310R. The programmable feature will make iPRECIO® pumps indispensable for applications where accurate flow infusion, recovery/washout periods, constant/variable dose or complex circadian infusion studies are necessary.

SMP-310R Pump’s Structure for mice

For rats, The SMP-200 pump is available with the following specifications:

The battery life is up to 6 months at a flow rate of 1.0μL/hr continuously.
You can confirm the estimated battery life on the PC screen when you set the infusion protocol with the iPRECIO Management Software.

Flow RateInfusion TimeTotal Volume
Time (h)days (approx)
30.0μL/hr196 hr1 week5.8 ml
19.0μL/hr307 hr1.8 weeks5.8 ml
8.5μL/hr669 hr1 Month5.6 ml
1.0μL/hr4,328 hr6 Months4.3 ml

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