Kent Scientific / RRSSC workshop on anaesthesiology

Kent Scientific (KSC) and RRSSC have joined forces to organize a 2-day workshop on anaesthesiology. This training aims at participants who want more insight into administering injectable and inhalation anaesthetics while monitoring vital physiological parameters in rats and mice.

Researchers still work with conventional evaporators designed for humans and large laboratory animals. KSC designed the SomnoFlo®, a low-flow electronic vaporizer with an automated delivery system. It uses either ambient air with an internal air pump or compressed gas. It delivers only the anaesthetic required by the animal according to its weight, with flows down to 0.05 LPM. Using less anaesthetic not only benefits the animal during procedures but significantly reduces the risk of exposure to lab personnel from waste anaesthetic gas.

Monitoring vital signs during research protocols is critical to achieving successful outcomes, acquiring reliable research data and publishing reproducible findings. The KSC physiological monitors for pulse oximetry, heart rate, end-tidal CO2, and temperature provide state-of-the-art performance while ensuring animal well-being.

To that end, in collaboration with the RRSSC, Kent Scientific proposes a training workshop at the RRSSC in Almere, The Netherlands. The training lasts two days (16 hours).

Here you can find the program of the 2-day KSC/RRSSC workshop. Course dates will be May 7 – 8, 2024. Please use the application form to sign in for this training