Short courses

Training under the new guideline EC 2010/63

As a result of the new European guideline EC 2010/63, training in surgical- and microsurgical techniques has become increasingly important. We are very happy to offer a wide range of one-day training sessions in the following fields:

Injection and blood sampling techniques in rats and mice: € 475,-

Injection and sampling techniques will be shown and can be practiced:

  • Injection techniques
    Oral, intracutaneous (intradermal), subcutaneous, intramuscular, intraperitoneal, intravenous, intrathecal, intra-spinal, etc.
  • Sampling techniques
    Sublingual vein, saphenous vein, facial vein, caudal vein; cardiac puncture, orbital puncture. Do’s and dont’s will be discussed when working with permanent jugular, femoral, or carotid catheters.

Anatomy/necropsy rat and mouse: € 300,-

Anatomy is the basis of surgery. Anatomical knowledge fades away quickly when not used frequently. In this workshop, we will brush up on your anatomical knowledge and systematically discuss important anatomical structures using the MD 3-Dimentional four times life-size anatomical model of the rat.

Necropsy will show how to sample and describe the most important structures in a proper way.

Anaesthesia in small laboratory animals: € 475,-

Anaesthesia (injectable and inhalation); analgesia and euthanasia will be discussed in detail, both theoretically and practically. Participants can practice several anaesthetic protocols.

Asepsis: € 475,-

However often neglected, asepsis is of utmost importance during surgery on small laboratory animals. Participants will learn the basic principles of asepsis and anti-sepsis in both theory and practice.

Suture techniques: € 475,-

What suture, armed with what kind of needle do I use in a particular type of tissue? That is a question that is often poorly answered. Starting with the basic concepts of suturing, we will discuss suture properties and suture patterns. Next, the anatomy of the proper knot will be discussed and practiced. Participants will be trained on our anastomosis device and on the MD PVC rat for more complicated suture techniques. This module is limited to eight participants.

Handling of small laboratory animals: € 375,-

Participants will be trained in the proper handling of small laboratory animals. Heed will be paid to proper housing conditions and the importance of “predictability and controllability” of the experimental environment.

Pre-, per-and post- operative care: € 375,-

In this workshop, the emphasis will be on the proper preparation of an animal for different (micro)surgical techniques. Next, the care for the animal during surgery and finally the post-operative care including pain alleviation will be discussed. All aiming at a quick and unproblematic recovery and minimal disturbance of the animal’s welfare.

All workshops will be at Almere, The Netherlands in the new RRSSC Training Centre. They start at 09:00 a.m. and end around 17:00 p.m. Unless otherwise indicated, the maximum number of participants is limited to twelve.

Prices mentioned include a hand-out, lunch, coffee, tea, and soft drinks and are exclusive 21% VAT.

Interested?, mail to Prof. Remie at: