René Remie has more than 40 years of experience with teaching, ethics committees and managing people.
You might benefit from asking him to;
  • Give advice on good surgical practices. For example securing excellent asepsis, tissue handling, access and illumination, anaesthetic standards and development of policy documents.
  • Give advice on design or improvement to facilities. For example experimental facilities, up the best in class or whatever specific level you might need.
  • Moderate a meeting. Knowing the hot people and hot topics he is able to bring such an event to a lively discussion and conclusion.
  • To mediate for conflict resolution. For example between research scientists and facility managers that need encouragement and guidance to get onto the same wavelength.
  • To help design courses in (micro)surgery. For example with the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm Sweden, Transonic, ADInstruments, Sud Dansk Universitetet, Instech, etc.
  • As freelance laboratory animal scientist and welfare officer.
  • As independant member of an ethics committee.
For any of these services of René Remie Surgical Skills Centre, please make contact.