Online (micro)surgical training at RRSSC

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Online (micro)surgical training at RRSSC (download the PDF)

At the René Remie Surgical Skills Centre (RRSSC) training facilities in Almere, The Netherlands, we have trained many surgeons, veterinarians, animal technicians, and scientists. We teach the general principle of surgery in rodents and provide training in a large number of specific (micro)surgical procedures. You must think of catheterizations for chronic blood sampling, implantation of devices, and experimental techniques. The dedicated surgical workstations, FST instruments, personal attention, and relaxed atmosphere during our courses create the ideal circumstances for knowledge transfer. Our website testimonials speak for themselves  (

Why did we start this online training?

Like many other businesses, we were affected by the travel restrictions of our clients due to the Corona pandemic. As a result, the number of course participants being able to follow our training modules decreased. Although we believe that surgical training is best achieved with personal guidance in our dedicated training facilities, we have the set up for online surgical training for advanced surgeons and thus expand our training possibilities.

With online surgical training, we continue to comply with our mission “To share our experience and enthusiasm for setting and achieving ambitious levels of surgical skills”. This means we have set the highest standard for performing this online surgical training. Both the microscope vision and overview of the surgical area are provided. Additionally, we offer the possibility to monitor you while performing surgery, using a portable digital microscope. This allows us to guide you through procedures and help you perform difficult steps in the operation. Online communication using Microsoft Teams enables us to invite other specialists in our network to assist. The training sessions are recorded for future reference.

A good preparation is half the job

Like any surgery, online surgical training needs preparation. Our online training session, therefore, starts with an inventory of your surgical request.  As soon as a surgical protocol is agreed upon, we can plan an online training session. At a later stage, we can follow up and assist you while performing surgery in your facilities, using the portable digital microscope. We can refine your surgical technique and make sure the procedure is successfully performed.

Let us know how we can assist with your surgical technique, or offer you new approaches!

You can use the contact form on the website to get in touch with us.

The RRSSC Team,

Course leader Prof René Remie PhD
Senior instructor Irene Cuesta Cobo MSc