RRSSC enters strategic partnership with InsideScientific

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Since WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic, RRSSC has observed the resulting drastic changes to research and how now, more than ever, it has become increasingly important to be able to plan, scale and create animal models that efficiently deliver meaningful findings. To reach our goal of making in-lab and virtual training programs accessible to more researchers, we are gratified to announce our agreement with InsideScientific, an online environment of resources for life-science researchers. We will be collaborating on new virtual and in-lab training programs. For example, RRSSC recently provided important scientific content for a live online demo session on inhalation anaesthesia for one of Kent’s major European customers. We both look forward to continuing cultivating our relationship. The new alliance is part of our strategy to enable more labs to gain the skills and confidence to accelerate their research designs, improve results, and transfer critical skills to other lab members – this is particularly important as surgical skills play a crucial role in research success and reproducibility of quality data. In addition, by offering improved access to advanced techniques, we believe that scientists will gain an increased understanding of physiological systems and associated diseases and become more optimally equipped to develop effective treatments. InsideScientific founding director Andy Henton remarks, “Together, we will support the global research community and ensure scientists have the critical surgical skills and vision they need to explore and discover new areas of physiology and medicine.”