UCB Biopharma, Belgium


I had the chance to follow the basic module B training in May 2022. In a family atmosphere, the 5 days are articulated between:

– theoretical readings: anesthesia, analgesia, asepsis, etc.

– demonstrations: a camera installed on the microscope retransmits the image on a large screen which allows the students to follow all the steps perfectly

– practical exercises: first on silicone  material then on animals (mouse or rat as preferred by the student)

Prof. René Remie has a thorough knowledge of rodent surgery and is always happy to answer any questions. The training center is a shared center where the diversity of books, articles, equipment, and consumables is impressive. There is no retention of information, students have free access to all teaching materials. During this training, I was able to learn and experience the catheterization of the portal vein, the bile duct (with recirculation in the duodenum), the jugular vein, the femoral vein, and the placement of a button in rats! I now have to practice these surgeries and perform them under sterile conditions.

I highly recommend this training.

UCB Biopharma, Belgium