Instech and RRSSC offer two special courses

Both automated blood sampling and Glucose Clamping techniques require optimal surgical approach

Instech and RRSSC offer two special courses:

This course is recognized by the Cantonal Swiss Veterinary Office



Adinstruments and RRSSC offer new courses on Blood Pressure (BP), Left Ventricular Pressure (LVP) and PV-loops

Standard 3-day course is on BP and LVP.  Day 4 is for PV loops.

For more information, visit: ADinstruments & RRSSC  course excellence in microsurgery



iPRECIO refillable and programmable pump implantation

Together with Primetech, RRSSC organizes a second course in iPRECIO pump implantation.

Participants can choose between a 3-day course for basic implantation techniques or a 5-day course for more complicated techniques.

More information on iPRECIO an its applications can be found here.

Look here for the program. 

We can give instruction in a lot of languages

Did you know that we have instructors that speak English, Spanish, German, Dutch and basic French