Industry researcher, CA, USA

Rene Remie

I accomplished more progress in the 5-day Module B course than I did in 6 months. René is an exceptional instructor, and his vast experience in developing research models is immediately apparent. Irene and René are very proactive and provide precise feedback that allows you to improve quickly

Dr. rer. nat. Muhammad Elshafeey, Experimental Immunocardiology, Berlin Institute of Health at Charité – Germany

Rene Remie

It was an excellent opportunity for me to attend such an important four days of microsurgical skills and hemodynamic ADInstruments PV-loop course at the René Remie Surgical Skills Centre. As a researcher in cardiology, it was the best investment for my research career to date. I have learned much about preclinical animal use in 32 hours over four days, including the 3R’s principles and how to work with animals to have excellent outcomes. This was a very well-organised course, which delivered vast amounts of knowledge and advice. From the practical point of view, I have learned many things to improve my microsurgical skills with continuous support, always being there to answer our questions.  I would highly recommend this course at the RRSSC, especially to cardiology professionals.

MZQ, London, April 2023

Rene Remie

I would highly recommend the Microsurgery and Experimental Techniques course run by René and Irene. It was very professionally run, with both theoretical lectures and practical demonstrations/learning that were tailored for my personal benefit, which was very much appreciated. I learnt a lot during my time at the RRSSC, especially the multiple surgical models that I requested as well as practical tips that will improve them.

Andree Lapierre

Rene Remie

I attended the 5-day Module B course with René and Irene in November of 2022. The course had a perfect balance of presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on practice. The presentations were packed with critical information every surgeon should know. I have 25 years of surgical experience, but my week at the RRSSC showed me how much more there is to learn in this field. René is a wealth of knowledge and I learned tremendously throughout the course. I really enjoyed my week and am very grateful I had the opportunity to attend such a great course. I highly recommend it, whether you are a novice, intermediate or experienced surgeon. Thank you! – Andree Lapierre

University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany

Rene Remie

On Monday, I arrived at RRSSC without any microsurgical knowledge. On Friday, I was able to perform the implantation of a telemetry device into the carotid artery of the mouse. René and Irene really do a great job at teaching complex topics on a personal level that makes it very easy to follow and understand. 10/10 would recommend it.

Tools for optimal microsurgery, Fine Science Tools (FST) and RRSSC are joining forces.

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Somayeh Ezzatpanah, Oslo, Norway

Rene Remie

I took a 5-day course on Microsurgery and Experimental Research Techniques in Aug. 2022. Prof. Rene is highly knowledgeable and helpful. The course was tailored to what I needed. I definitely recommend this course to those who like to learn about microsurgery techniques. Somayeh Ezzatpanah

UCB Biopharma, Belgium

Rene Remie

I had the chance to follow the basic module B training in May 2022. In a family atmosphere, the 5 days are articulated between: – theoretical readings: anesthesia, analgesia, asepsis, etc. – demonstrations: a camera installed on the microscope retransmits the image on a large screen which allows the students to follow all the steps perfectly – practical exercises: first on silicone  material then on animals (mouse or rat as preferred by the student) Prof. René Remie has a thorough knowledge of rodent surgery and is always happy to answer any questions. The training center is a shared center where the diversity of books, articles, equipment, and consumables is impressive. There is no retention of information, students have free access to all teaching materials. During this training, I was able to learn and experience the catheterization of the portal vein, the bile duct (with recirculation in the duodenum), the jugular vein, the femoral vein, and the placement of a button in rats! I now have to practice these surgeries and perform them under sterile conditions. I highly recommend this training.

Bioelectronics, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Rene Remie

Participating in the 5 days microsurgery training at RRSSC was a great experience and moved forward our project so much. Implementing all the good advice and skills we took home from Almere are now daily business in our lab. Many thanks to René, his team and family for the warm welcome”.

S. L. Walker – University of Edinburgh, UK

Rene Remie

I attended a 5-day rodent surgery training session with RRSSC in October 2020. This training occurred at the start of my PhD and I am very glad that I had this training so early on in my career. René’s knowledge and experience are phenomenal and I believe that having this training has provided me with a brilliant base set of skills to carry forwards in my research. René explained the key parts of rodent based research – including suturing, anaesthesia, instruments, asepsis, surgical techniques, and using a microscope. The way in which he explains their importance in research means that you understand why you are doing different processes, not just that you have to do them – I found this very beneficial and it has given me more understanding as to why certain things are done the way they are. René’s knowledge of the history behind rodent surgery and research is also outstanding, which brings even more of a relevance to the work that you are doing. The second part of the course was tailored to the different techniques that we needed to learn for our own research. For me, this included injections into the hepatic portal vein (HPV), injections under the kidney capsule, and an attempt at catheterising the HPV in mice. René explained to us how to do the specific techniques, watched us perform them, and gave us tips on how to refine our technique to ensure more success and in ways which are more beneficial to the recovery of the animal, which was especially helpful as I had no previous microsurgery experience. René’s ‘goal-orientated’ methodology and constant reminding of basic skills ensured that we were performing complex procedures in ways that were sustainable for when this is applied to actual experiments, and in the best interests of …