Kevin Coote, United Kingdom
"From my experience on the 3-day radiotelemetry course, I would absolutely recommend this, or indeed any of the courses to anyone, to those with plenty of in vivo experience as much as those with only a little. "

Instech and RRSSC offer two special courses

Both automated blood sampling and Glucose Clamping techniques require optimal surgical approach.

Instech and RRSSC offer two special courses:

  1. Automated Blood Sampling, The ABS course. We also give this course in the french language ABS French, Program for the French course
  2. Glucose clamping in rats and mice, The GC course . This course is coorganized with the NNF-CBMR (The Novo Nordisk Research Foundation)


Adinstruments and RRSSC offer new courses on Blood Pressure (BP), Left Ventricular Pressure (LVP) and PV-loops

Standard 3-day course is on BP and LVP.

For more information, visit: ADinstruments & RRSSC  course excellence in microsurgery



Together with DSI and Charles River, RRSSC organizes a course in advanced radiotelemetry techniques.

Next to that, course module C is still on offer and is of interest to biotechnicians and scientists who are looking for a refined way of measuring ECG, EEG or blood pressure in animals as small as a guinea pig, a rat or a mouse.

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