Bill Vestergaard, Denmark
"This was an experience that by far exceeded all my expectations. Rene is a wonderful person with a passion to teach others the amazing microsurgical techniques he is mastering to perfection. "

Instech and RRSSC offer two special courses

Both automated blood sampling and Glucose Clamping techniques require optimal surgical approach.

Instech and RRSSC offer two special courses:

  1. Automated Blood Sampling, The ABS course
  2. Glucose clamping in rats and mice, The GC course

There is a limited number of places. Want to be sure of participation? Register online.


Adinstruments and RRSSC offer new courses on Blood Pressure (BP), Left Ventricular Pressure (LVP) and PV-loops

Standard 3-day course is on BP and LVP.

For more information, visit: ADinstruments & RRSSC  course excellence in microsurgery



Together with DSI and Charles River, RRSSC organizes a course in advanced radiotelemetry techniques.

Next to that, course module C is still on offer and is of interest to biotechnicians and scientists who are looking for a refined way of measuring ECG, EEG or blood pressure in animals as small as a guinea pig, a rat or a mouse.

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