Chunyu Jin, Denmark


We are now using what we learnt on the course. I believe we are able to make it work. That was easy! and that will be easy.

Pernille Lyderik, Denmark


I will recommend these courses to everybody who wants to learn all about microsurgery.

Zindy Raida, Denmark


For me personally this course has saved months of hard work and given me a much better experimental setup as well as made me a better surgeon.

Hazel Smulders, United Kingdom


I would recommend that anyone working in the scientific field who is interested in performing surgery or is currently performing surgery on Laboratory Animals should definately attend this course. They will obtain many new ideas with a wealth of information as I did.

Kathrina Wiesen, Germany


When I started the course I thought that I would never ever learn how to implant a catheter in the carotid artery of a mouse without killing the animal. And now?! It takes me less than 10 minutes until the catheter is fixed in the artery without any loss of blood and the animals are running around in their cage a few hours later.

Nottingham, United Kingdom


I thought I had significant knowledge on the subject before attending the course but the quality and depth of teaching on the course made the whole subject make much more sense to me.

Kevin Coote, United Kingdom


From my experience on the 3-day radiotelemetry course, I would absolutely recommend this, or indeed any of the courses to anyone, to those with plenty of in vivo experience as much as those with only a little.

Orthopedic surgeon, Spain


First of all, I just can say that this is an absolutely recommendable experience for someone that looks for training in microsurgery.

Bill Vestergaard, Denmark


This was an experience that by far exceeded all my expectations. René is a wonderful person with a passion to teach others the amazing microsurgical techniques he is mastering to perfection.

Transonic and RRSSC co-organize the fourth 3-4 days practical course on PV-Loops in rats and mice

Rene Remie News

Transonic, René Remie Surgical Skills Centre (RRSSC) and emka TECHNOLOGIES have joined forces and are excited to present the fourth European Rodent, PV Loop & Cardiac Disease Model Workshop. The Workshop is designed to enable attendees to not only optimize their microsurgical skills, but also gain experience in Admittance-based PV measurements, and be introduced to common cardiac disease models. We have designed this course for scientists and technicians who are new to rodent pressure-volume recording techniques or those who would like to refine their techniques. The course will be from May 2-4, 2022 with one optional extra day (May 5, 2022) for the induction of cardiac models (LAD occlusion and TAC). Interested? Here is some extra information. If you want to see the program or register for this course click here.